Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Four Flames

Today was another day for my history books. I started it by chasing the Olympic Flame, and while I was wowed by the first opportunity, each one of the next three just got better. Hard to believe eh?

My first meeting with the flame today was watching my boss, the owner of Grouse, carry it. Here he is lighting up his torch, something very cool to see. Then running with his family, friends and team - well you could see how proud he was.

My next bought was something I really wanted to do as a parent - watch my kids watch the flame. I collected Kaylee from daycare and we found Braydon so we could all watch it go by together.

Not sure what he is saying in this photo, but I am going with it's something sweet (even if it wasn't!!).

I had KJ in my arms, so this isn't the best image of the flame, but proves that it's my second location of the day. Chris then took them up to the celebrations in Lynn Valley - where we hope to make it as a family at least once before the games are done.

It was a few hours later, but I have to say pretty amazing to witness. I watched the cauldron light the flame on top of the Skyride. This truly is one of our iconic pieces at the mountain, and not a whole lot of people actually ride ON TOP as they ascend to 3700 feet in the air.

It came back down with another torch barer, the fourth in the leg of Grouse (I missed two legs at the top because I was at the base). To watch these athletes in awe while they hold the torch, it's just something words can't capture.

The games haven't even started, and already my Canadian pride has jumped into gold level. Go Canada Go!

Oh ya, and one photo to prove that I was part of the day!


Suzanne said...

I'm so excited for you!!!

Mieke said...

Truly a breath taking experience!!

Lisa and DJ said...

What an awesome day Kirsten! So glad you were able to experience it with the kiddos.

Queen Mel said...

I love your photos and think they are all so cool. I hear Gretzey (sp?) (#99) is the final carrier?

Lucky girl

Jenn said...

WOW!!! You really captured that day beautifully!

Dee said...

That is so awesome - I got excited just looking at those photos I can't imagine being there.

Barb Graham said...

It was fun, wasn' it. The route went up the street outside my place in Kelowna on Jan 25, leaving me enough time to get down to City Park to see the lighting of the cauldron. A good 'proud to be a Canadian' moment!