Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's coming to an end

In a few hours, the whole of Canada will stop. They will gather in front of their TVs and all watch the same show. The Men's Hockey Gold Medal Game. It's as exciting as it gets - Canada vs USA. For 60 minutes, I will stress, cheer, cringe, yell and hope. The best team will win.

However, before I settle into the game, which will be followed by the closing ceremonies - I will recap my last early morning shift. As all plans go - it didn't end up being the best day of photos. It was busy, and it was snowing HEAVILY. So instead of capturing all those great moments, I shoveled the ice rink so the 8 year old could play their tournament. I guess I am a good Canadian Girl.

our PR guy Will with Meredith Viera
Erik (who was NBC's "guy" the whole time) and Ann Curry
Of course, that doesn't mean I didn't capture any. It was the final day of filming for the Today Show, and I heard nothing but praise to Grouse for doing such a wonderful job. It's been a lot of fun, some early hours but a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am glad that I got to witness a piece of it.

Speedy Pederson Amercian Gold Medalist and Kristi Yamaguchi

Evan Lysack - Amecian Gold Medalist

NBC Today Show Crew Leaving Grouse Mountain I prepare an early lunch so we can sit down and enjoy the game, there is one thing left to be said

PS - Thanks Lisa for pointing out I can't spell, I have changed that.


Hollee said...

I stand by my previous statements that you have the COOLEST job EVER!!! :) I'm guessin, though, that next week is gonna seem pretty dull! lol

Lisa and DJ said...

Does Canda have good candy? ha ha
I'm sure it's sad and a relief to have it all come to an end!

Suzanne said...

I was laughing that you spelled Canada wrong but leave it to Lisa to make a joke. I'm truly glad that your experience was so wonderful all the way around. Now good luck with your surgery tomorrow.