Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

I cannot believe how fast four years can go. Lightning speed really. But in those four years I have to say I have loved being Mom to Kaylee.

She is the perfect girl. Throw on a dress, jump in a mud puddle and entertain all ages at the same time. She is full of zest, and I am sure will be nothing but a handful in her teen years! She has a smile that melts hearts, a character all her own, and an actress to boot.

Today we had a family party with the grandparents, uncles and great grandparents. She was spoiled rotten, and she enjoyed every last minute of it. Braydon tended to her brining her gifts (and he scored a few himself), and I am sure we have hours of fun ahead of ourselves.

So happy birthday Kaylee. I love you. Slow down on the growing up's going too fast for me.


Lisa and DJ said...

Happy Birthday sweet Kaylee. Looks like a GREAT day and it seems she loved her cake!

PamelaM said...

Happy Birthday Kaylee and congrats Kirsten - it's time for the fabulous fours.

You did an awesome job on her cake. I love Cake boss too! It's quite amazing what they can do.

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Kaylee! Every family needs a girl to bless it. Glad you got yours!

Michelle said...

I know were did those 4 years go? it's hard to believe that both my DD Kaelyn and your DD are growing up so fast! their both really special little girls with the same birthday!