Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I wonder where this current generation is going to learn it's manners. As I type this, my son had to ask 6 times for something before he learned to say please. As soon as he did, I did what he was requesting too. I take the time EVERY SINGLE day to teach these kids manners. Open the door for people, use please and thank you, send thank you notes when someone does something nice, tell people you like them, use nice words, don't hit. Well that last one I seem to have to repeat a lot these days - but the thing is, I keep trying.

Today I ran into a few people who made me think that no one bothered to teach them some of these skills.

Driving to work - I was almost hit by someone talking on their cell phone and driving. Now I try not to use my phone while driving - let's face it, it is more dangerous. But this guy was not paying ANY attention at all to the actual driving aspect of his venture. Lucky for me I was paying attention. But he didn't even bother to give me the "oops, sorry" look. Nope, he just kept chatting.

At work, a co-worker came into my office to ask me a question. She stayed in my office, made a personal phone call from her cell, and for a few minutes stood in the middle of my office chatting away to her father, all in a different language. Um - go to your own office.

Later in the afternoon I was walking into the washroom. Unfortunately, I share my bathroom with the 5000 visitors that come to my place of work every day. There are things that I have seen in there......well that is just another blog on it's own. Anyhow, as I am walking in, this lady was so busy texting on her phone that she didn't bother to look up, and when she did walk into me, didn't bother to apologize.

I'm not trying to say that I am the most polite person in the world. Far from it. However there are some common courtesies that I can guarantee you that I can do better than those three. And I hope, my children will too.


Suzanne said...

I knew this was a problem before I started working but don't even get me started on how people treat the tellers at their financial institutions! I tell myself at the end of the day, to focus on the people that were nice to me. Yesterday a nice man told me to keep smiling because I light up the room. Some day that will be your kid...keep up the good work mom!

Lisa and DJ said...

I want to say something clever, but I'm typing this on my blackberry in my car as I drive, flip people off, and yell obsenities to bank tellers.

Vanessa said...

manners..common is all gone out the window....sigh.

PamelaM said...

I agree. Manners seem to have disappeared and reminders seem to be necessary.

I find that everyone seems so rushed and they want everything now. Take for example the girl texting in the washroom. That made me chuckle.