Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Wee bit of Me Time

I cannot say that this week of vacation was relaxing. Nor did I really expect it to be. I wanted this week to focus on the kids, and not to be starved of time to spend with them. While I love working, I do find it stressful to do all the things with my kids that they want (within reason of course). So having my date days alone with each kid, days together, swimming almost every day, celebrating a couple of birthdays and not to mention the ball tournament that the week started with, I'm pooped.

Was reminded about old gift certificate for Spa Utopia that my friend Jen had given me three years ago. Had forgotten about it, but Chris found it a few days ago and said I should check if it's was still valid. It was. I figured it was a perfect way to have a wee bit of me time when the rest of my week pretty much went to everyone else (I didn't even scrap at all! NOW that says something!! Well, I did make a few cards, but they don't count).

So this morning right after Kaylee's swim lessons I headed for a very rare (and much needed) pedicure. Ahhh delight. Spa Utopia is just that. They offered up a robe and a special green tea, magazines of all types to read, and no one called me Mom for that whole hour. Peace it was.

Since I don't escape all that often, I took the opportunity to drop off an album to Scrap Arts (bit overdue), and treated myself to just a couple new pieces of paper, some cardstock and some white pearl drops. Cash is tight, especially since we had some celebrations this month, but I had a bit of left over hidden me money from my birthday (thanks mom and dad) so I could get the paper and a little bit of photo paper (totally out, very hard to scrap without pics!).

Me time is over. I'm going to print a couple pics to scrap later. Then I'm going downstairs to have a Wii off with my kids. Braydon constantly beats me, and it's not cuz I'm not giving it my all. Maybe I can still win if I play Kaylee?

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Suzanne said...

I love getting pedicures!