Friday, August 21, 2009

Cake Boss, Here I Come!

Chris and I have been watching the Cake Boss on TLC this summer. This guy creates pieces of artwork. I mean, what Buddy can do with some fondant and obviously years of skill and training, well it makes me envious.

So, I attempted my first fondant cake. Lucky for me I was given a marshmallow fondant recipe from Hollee, which was easy to make and a lot of fun. Now that I have played with it, I can't wait to get a couple REAL tools and start making some cool cakes.

It's Kaylee's birthday tomorrow (ya, how did 4 happen so fast?) so I figured my little girl would be a perfect first go. She kept changing her mind from smarties, to candy, to butterfly. Here is the combo cake.

Can't wait to give it a try again. I wonder if my hands will return to a normal colour soon?


Lisa and DJ said...

I am VERY impressed!!

Suzanne said...

Nice to know that your experience didn't lead you to the Cake Wrecks blog instead of Cake Boss! Nice job Kirsten!

Michelle said...

Beautiful cake great job!

Heidi said...

wow! how cool is that! I've always wanted to try fondant. You did an amazing job!