Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Big Day

So my baby started kindergarten today.  Seriously - I can remember his first smile.  Oohhhh how that melted my heart.  Just like today - he got up early (school didn't start till 12:30, but he was up at 7am for it) got himself dressed and headed down for breakfast.

Chris took the week off to get Braydon in to school for the two adjustment days.  He goes on Friday for two hours, then reality starts Monday.  While all summer we though that Mrs. Roberts would be the teacher - last week we learned that it would be Mr. Eugene.  Braydon's comment to the change?  "Ahhh, now I have to start all over".  But he walked in, and Mr. Eugene asked if he  needed his Dad to stay and he say "Nope" then started playing with toys and showing the "new" teacher how things worked.  I figure he'll be running the school by October.

When I got home today he had another surprise for me.  We've been working the past couple of days trying to learn to ride his bike without the training wheels.  He and Chris have gone out to practice a number of times.  He let me take him too - but really does better with Daddy.

Very proudly he told me that Daddy let him go - and this was the result!!

Big day for my big boy.


Suzanne said...

How great that you get to document this day and remember it forever! How I wish I could have blogged when my kids were little. Way to be big Braydon! Oh and for what it's worth, my kid's male teachers were the BEST!

Lisa and DJ said...

He is so sweet. Kindergarten and bike riding all in one day? Too grown up!