Thursday, September 25, 2008

Close Call

So last night I'm taking the garbage out and Takaya comes along so she can go the bathroom.

I toss the garbage into the bin and she starts sniffing around in the grass.

The  we see something waddle towards us.  At first I think it's one of the neighbourhood cats - but then I see those stripes.

Those undeniable black and white stripes.

Lucky for us, we saw him early enough that we took off the other way.  Seriously, it's one thing to get sprayed.  During the summer, every night we can smell it.

But Takaya?  Take that very fluffy, double fur coated dog.  If she ever got sprayed there would be nothing we could do except shave her down and wash wash wash.  It would take hours.  It would NOT be good.

Thankfully, it was a close call only.


Suzanne said...

I grew up where there were skunks and our dog got sprayed twice! The vet sold a "skunk off" product that worked pretty good but the dog was banished to the garage for quite awhile after a skunk encounter. He wasn't the kind of dog that would have ran back into the house with you either...he always took off after the skunk, stupid dog. He also rolled in the cow pies at the inlaws farm! So pat Takaya for dutifully returning inside with you.

*Desi* said...

Phew!! What a close call!! good thing you got away! =)