Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The next week in documentation

If you read my blog (all three of you), you know I like Ali Edwards and her style.  I was lucky enough to take a class of hers, and she's the most "real" kinda person out there.  Embrace the imperfections is one of her things.  I think I got that part (especially since as I type this, KJ is telling me her poop looks like a heart.  Great).

So one of her things is to document "A week in the life".  I love this concept.  I want to do it.  In fact I want to do four.  One for me.  One for Kaylee.  One for Braydon and even one for the guy who hates to be photographed and documented.  Lucky guy.

It's about documenting the day to day stuff that makes up the majority of our life.  The running around - and really in the process gets you to stop and pay attention to it.  Did you run past that big sunflower this morning, and take the time to look at it.

So - since my blog is easy for me to get to - the next week will be about the day to day stuff.  Not much different than it really is - but it may not make sense.  I may just jump in, throw some thoughts down and leave.   Bare with me - there should be a finished project in the end.  Maybe.


Suzanne said...

Can't wait!

Tracey said...

You'll like my challenge tomorrow then! :P