Monday, September 8, 2008

First Full Day....of the rest of our lives

So - this is it.  The first day of the rest (well at least 17 years) of our lives.  Full day kindergarten.  We got up on time (good start), had breakfast, packed our lunches and walked Kaylee to school.

Then we swung by Bradley's house (he wasn't ready yet) and came home.  With all this time to spare I didn't know what to do - so I  made dinner.  I'm crazy!!  At least it will be ready, just have to boil the noodles when I get home tonight.

I'm about to walk the boys to school.  They are ready - am I?  Sure....I love to see them so excited.


Suzanne said...

They are so cute and who doesn't remember their first day of "real" school?! Such memorable times!

Lisa and DJ said...

They look so ready to go and way too grown up. Hope the day is a huge success!