Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another weekend over...

How do these keep going so fast?  Why is it that I never actually accomplish everything that I want / need to.

We did get new shoes for Braydon, and did find a winter jacket for Kaylee.  Cleaned under the bed so that we are kinda ready for the new  one.  Got some house cleaning done, but never enough.  The dog still maybe I can put that onto next weeks list.

Soccer Saturday, and soccer pics Sunday morning.  Got groceries, and let the kids run and bike as much as they could.  Did a little scrapping (want to do more) - played with my camera, Chris went for a bike ride.

Next week is meetings, long days at work and attempting to enjoy the last of this summer weather that has come our way.  Before we know it, the rain will settle in and the cold fall days will be upon us.  We picked up some hot chocolate and mini marshmallows in preparation.

Gotta say, looking forward to a good nights sleep in the new bed tomorrow.  Sure hope we choose the right one!

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Suzanne said...

Braydon looks like a pillar of concentration there! I see a lot of soccer games in your future. Kaylee is darling of course. I can't believe you're wearing long sleeves and jackets already. It's been so hot here!