Sunday, August 31, 2008

Almost over

It seems like this month off has gone by way too quickly!  Today we had our walk, washed cars, about to go swimming and then off to a BBQ.  This weekend we had dinner at my parents, visited Nana and Papa (to finally wrap up Kaylee's birthday parties) and went puddle jumping more than once.  

It's been a good summer.  Lots of things happened.  We got to go on our family vacation, I got to go to Utah - we all had fun.  Chris rode his bike lots and Braydon has finally decided to take off the training wheels (still in the early stages here).

The fall brings new changes.  Braydon into Kindergarten, Kaylee at pre-school and back to the real world for Mom and Dad.

So while the sun decided to show up again, we should get back outside and enjoy the last few moments of a good summer.


Lisa and DJ said...

I can NOT believe it's September. Summer always goes by way, way, way too quickly. Good luck with all your big changes!

Suzanne said...

Such fun photos. I'm glad you had a great summer even if it's too short and I'm soooo happy that you came to Utah. September greeted us with snow on the mountain tops and hail in the valleys!