Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Me - this week's version

This week is crazy.  We were away for the weekend, so all those things we get done over the two days isn’t done.  The house is a mess, the kids need new shoes and winter jackets.  Work is busy, winter is coming. 

 Monday night I left work early to pick up the boys, ended up buying a new bed.  That’s how I roll.  I made a lasagna, BBQ’d some chicken, but it was Taco’s for dinner (trying to do some things in advance).  Tonight, Tuesday – Braydon has soccer practice, so Chris both kids there because I have an AGM for KJ’s school.  Tomorrow night is laundry and a solid attempt at some cleaning.  Pretty sure I should throw the kids into the bath.  Thursday night Chris has an AGM where he will join the board for Little League baseball.  Sure, we have the spare time.  Friday night will be crazy as usual, Saturday is soccer and Sunday is soccer pictures.  At  8am!  Who came up with that???  I have to remember to get the dog in for grooming (wow she stinks) and the kids to the dentist.

 But as crazy as that is, things are great.  I just got onto a DT team for scrapbooking at CompuPro, people are singing up for my class at Scrap Arts, work is fun right now, I’m getting control of my bad eating habits….and we have a new bed coming!

 I wonder what next week will be about.  This is life.  At least mine.


Lisa and DJ said...

Well, I know what next week will be about for me. :) Hope yours will be just as busy...it's good for you, right?

Just 'T' said...

Congrats Kirsten on the DT spot

Ps..you've been tagged ...check out my blog!