Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some days are tougher than others

This baby is all grown up. I love him more every day.

But as he gets older, he has the ability to frustrate me more too. You see he and I are a lot alike and because of that, we tend to butt heads.

Like tonight. He's getting into an "I don't like baths" stage. Tough - he still needs to have them. They don't have to be long, but they must include soap, water and the hair must be washed. If that takes 1 min - fine. If that - like tonight- takes an hour - so be it.

Every ounce of him fought it. After figuring out that just telling me he wasn't washing his hair wasn't working, he came up with his ear hurting. I spoke calmly, I took deep breaths, but I stuck to my guns.

Then the water was cold. Tough. He could get out when his hair was washed.

Finally, at the hour mark - when I was well past going in and talking to him about anything - Chris pops his head in, and within seconds Braydon is washing his hair. He doesn't dare argue with his Dad like he will with me. I know it's a Mom vs. Dad thing. I know that. It was the same for me growing up. Push Mom to the outer limits, but don't do the same with Dad.
So this sweet little boy is all grown up. And we have a long way to keep working on how to deal with each others stubbornness. Chances are, it will be a work in progress.


Lisa and DJ said...

I don't remember ever seeing a baby photo of him. I can't believe they grow up to be such stinkers!

Kimmartha said...

Oh I hear you, Mom, on this one!! It's the same with my boy - he is so sweet, charming and loveable - and stubborn as a mule. Only, I think he gets that from his Dad... heehee ;)

PamelaM said...

Ah mean it doesn't end when they turn 4? I don't want to hear that. lol!

Suzanne said...

Cute baby photo...handsome young man!