Sunday, January 2, 2011

Slow Movement

Well, the cold I was pretending not to have is winning today. So everything was a little slow. Thank goodness for Dayquil, it's the only way that the kitchen got tidied and groceries got done. As the last day before good eating is the way of life (needed groceries before starting this new way), I thought a big breakfast was the way to start our day.

Kaylee is my little kitchen helper these days, and today she helped make pancakes.
I also got to see two good friends today. One moved out to Calgary just over ten years ago and I miss her. She needs to move back, but that isn't happening.....yet. But it was nice to have the three of us catch up while the six kids ran around. We decided next time we meet at the Bear and skip the kids!

I did prep some soup for the next few days. A very low point asparagus soup. All ready to go and I am looking forward to it!


Lisa and DJ said...

I'll have to trust you on the asparagus soup. I'm not so sure about that!

April C said...

Asparagus soup sounds right up my alley! Recipe?