Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Chilly Day

The weather all week has been beautiful, clear and crisp. Chilly really. The fog rolled into the waterfront this morning, and we ventured for a walk down by the terminals. We used to come here all the time, Takaya would swim forever and then the wet dog smell would last even longer.

She's aged a lot in the past few months, and at the age of 10, her days are limited. So I let her run for a bit, but I know she will be sore tomorrow. She still had the mind of a puppy, but her body not so much. I can relate.

The kids are busy with their DSs right now - they used some Christmas money to buy some new games. KJ's needs some reading, so I am helping with that. Return to healthy eating Day 1 is going well, already realizing quickly that some of my old bad habits may be a bit harder to break than others. But I have a goal, and I will get there!!


Suzanne said...

Poor Takaya. I can relate too!

Suzanne said...

Oh and I wish "chilly" was a word I could use to describe our cold right now. Stupid cold is the only appropriate terminology to use.