Sunday, January 9, 2011

A shared passion

Onto the hill we go.

While I always said that I would have skiing kids, I have to say that I haven't done a great job of raising them. See when you only have one weekend day away from the mountain, it doesn't really make you want to go there for the other one.

But this year, this year I don't work weekends. So this year, the kids are hitting the slopes.

Braydon has skied a few times before, but I want him to have a few lessons. To build his confidence the right way. He thinks he can ski. What he has a hard time with is slowing down to actually build the right skills to ski properly. I took him down the Cut a couple years ago, and it was too much too fast. Now I want someone he will listen to do the same thing - then I will take him again.
He had a good time, but was pretty tired afterwards!

Now KJ, she was sooooo excited all week. This was her first time, and she wanted to ski so badly.

When I picked her up after her lesson - her response was just what I wanted "AWESOME MOM".

Both kids are keen to go back again next week, and I told them that I would have a special ski date with each one after a couple more lessons. I can't wait!!

While they were off on their lessons, I got to do some turns with my baby brother. We don't get to ski very often anymore, so it was a nice treat too! Even better when he said I had nice turns!!
My body is a bit sore today...guess that's what motion does to these old legs. Looking forward to getting back at it again soon. Even Chris' interest seems to be peaked!

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Suzanne said...

I love that you're blogging again! Your photos really make me excited for Michael to take Aubrey snowboarding!