Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Personal Shopper

This crazy lady is an un-likely friend.

Suzanne and I first met about five years ago on a scrapbooking site called Kindred Creations. It was my first scrapping web site to visit, and I was hesitant about even being on there. But the women seemed friendly and WOW, did it do a lot for my scrapping ability.

Suzanne was very nice on the boards, and I loved her Hawaii album. She mentioned that she would be traveling to Vancouver, and that started our true friendship. I invited her and her husband to Grouse, but unfortunately I wasn't really able to spend any time with them (I regret not trying harder). When we met in person, we just clicked.

Just over a year later, Suzanne was the most gracious host when I went to Utah to CKU. Not only did she offer her home to stay in, but she was a ton of fun the whole weekend. We call each other our Internet girl friends and chat daily. If you picked the two of us out in a crowd you probably wouldn't put us together - different life stages, different backgrounds, different lots of stuff, but I adore her.

As you know, I was impressed by the beauty of Utah and hope to return one day soon. Along with the dessert mountain terrain - these lucky ladies have a kazillion scrapbooking stores around them. And not just stores, warehouses. In fact, I think scrapbooking may have just been invented in Utah!
Each year, American Crafts has a huge warehouse sale in December. For the past two years, I asked if Suzanne wouldn't mind picking me up stuff. She knows my style, knows what I like and I trust her to be my personal shopper. I give her a budget range, and let her go. The stuff that she can get me, for the prices.....well let's just say that the $40 she spent this year would have cost me well over $200. Well over.

Plus she threw in a couple extras for me, just because that is who she is. Sweet Suzanne! Thanks Suzie Q, I LOVE the stuff.


Lisa and DJ said...

WOW! That's some cool stuff!

April C said...

Super super jealous of those thickers. Wonder if Suzanne would be my personal shopper too ;)

Mieke said...

Amazing! What a great box of loot from such an amazing friend!

Suzanne said...

What a sweet post! It totally made my day! I'm happy to shop for you but it would be more fun if you'd come and do your own shopping. ;)