Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday -the last day (warning....heavy photo day)

And so the last day is already here. Time went so fast, too fast. So nice to be away, truly away from all the busy world we live in most of the time.

While we offered to take the kids out to the park or something special, everyone wanted to stay at the beach. And today, we would build our best sandcastle ever. At the end of the day, the kids like to get to the highest point of the castle and wait for the water to win......she always does.

It's been nice to have one on one time we each family member as the week went along. Some Kaylee time for me. Some Braydon time for me. Some Chris time for me, and even some me time for me. I polished off a 600 page novel and enjoyed every moment of it. I even snuck out to the LSS for just a couple pieces of paper....just for me.

One thing I did not get was a great photo of Chris and I....this is why....

The kids were also into letting me take photos of them today, of course of which I jumped at the chance. I know there will be a time soon where I am denied photo ops, but until that day comes, I will continue to take excessive amounts of pictures.

It's truly been a great vacation. We all enjoyed it, and are all looking forward to coming back soon.

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PamelaM said...

Those photos of B and K together are the beautiful. I agree you should snap away while they still enjoy it.