Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holy September Batman

When the school year starts, you know it's going to be busy. When your second child enters into the school system, you know it's going to be busier. When soccer season starts, you know the next level of busy hits your system. When your second child starts soccer, it's all new territory. When you throw in a new sport of football, you are reaching the top of the chart busy. When your second child asks to be in Sparks and you volunteer to be the leader - well let's just say, busy isn't a descriptive enough word.

So being behind in my blog is just one aspect of my life I am behind on. Laundry is backed up too. The dog needs grooming, that will have to wait. The fish tank needs replenishing, but that too will wait.

Am I actually ahead on anything? No. But I do have a few photos from the past couple weeks:

Braydon's first day of Grade two. Well, second really. Chris forgot to take the first day photo, but really, day one was for an hour and he was with his grade 1 teacher. So I guess this actually is the first day of grade two. He is loving it so far.

Oh how Miss Kaylee has been waiting and waiting for Kindergarten to happen. SO excited, even if it took five days of slow (slugs travel faster) intergration..... Happiest K kid ever. She even said today, week two in, that each day just gets better.

First day BOTH kids going to the SAME location. For the five years the two of them have both been around, they have had seperate care during the day. Finally, they both go to the same school, for the same amount of time, on the same days. Happy Happy me.

Somewhere in the middle of all the stuff about the kids, I got a me night out. It was my 20 year high school reunion (will do a separate post) and I had SO much fun. Because I get myself into stuff I have no intention of being in, I was on the organizing committee. Here are my team mates, Paula, Kim and Chris.

Soccer season is upon us. Year three for Braydon, but on a new team. Year one for Kaylee. He is on team Solar, she is a Wildcat. I love that both my kids love sports, and I hope that their love of activity continues for many many years to come.

Go team Heal (her first goal). Now to catch up on some sleep!!

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