Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day Two - Sunday

We knew that our plan was to spend a lot of beach time on our vacation, but could not control the weather. However, when you wake up to this, you know it's going to be a good day.

The only thing better than that - is this....our big five year old!!

I cannot believe how fast these five years have happened....and how much our lives are better because of her lively spirit.

As our first full day of vacation came to be, the kids took their time getting up - but KJ just wanted to open the gifts that she knew came along for the trip. We decided that we would open a gift here and there throughout the day, enjoying them as they happened.

The other plan for the day was exploring the beach. One of the best things about this beach, is when the tide is out, you can walk forever and explore sandy tide pools along the way.
The waters edge seems a million miles away, but the walk along the sandy beach is nothing by enjoyable (well, it was a little windy).

More presents (including gifts send by Grandma and Grandpa for both kids) flowed through the day, as well as throwing in a sand castle or two.

One cannot have a birthday without a birthday cake - so KJ and I headed out to let her pick one out. While the triple chocolate cake on it's own seemed divine, the idea of adding smarties to it just could not be argued, so we did a little decorating to help it along.

My baby turned five, and the whole family had a great day. Life is grand.

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Suzanne said...

Presents on vacation? I want to go on vacation with you. Happy Birthday KJ!