Monday, August 2, 2010

A morning in the Cove

One of our favorite places in North Vancouver is Deep Cove. It's one of those little places in the world that is right next to a metropolitan city, yet a million miles away. It's secret almost. And it's perfect.

Chris and I joke that when we win the lotto we will live in one of the houses on the bluff. Just far enough in to drive, yet with a boat on our dock ready to take us away.

It has a small playground that the kids love, and a sandyish beach with lots of crabs to search for.

It's filled with kayaks and ocean breezes.

Our kids love to explore and we love to dream.

With the sun warming the morning skies, and us having our Tim's on the beach, life really doesn't get much better than this.


Lisa and DJ said...

You WILL take me and the kids there to visit. We're shooting for 2014,

Suzanne said...

When you get that house in the Cove, make sure there's a room for the nanny from Utah!