Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day Four - Tuesday

Coombs day. Coombs is this little....well....blip in the map 25 minutes northish from Parksville. A handful of families settled here around 1910 under the leadership of the Salvation Army's Ensign Crego. The community was named after the Army's Canadian Commissioner, Captain Thomas Coombs.
Ecliptic would be the best term. One day I would love to go and just wander the day without the kids, it's my kinda place. Lots of junk and stuff you don't need, but lots of crafts and knick knack stuff that always inspires me too.

We headed up for lunch and some wandering. There are all these status, well I guess more like carvings, that the kids climb all over.

And of course, there are the goats on the roof. Here is the story on that:
The idea for the grass roof came from then owner, Kristian Graaten. He emigrated here from Norway with his family in the mid 1950’s and longed to see some of the buildings from his home country. Many homes in Norway were built from the sides and slopes of the hills with the roofs built as an extension of the hillside.

After the grass had rooted a family of goats appeared. Legend has it that a “few glasses” of wine inspired the idea of putting the goats up on the roof, but you will have to come in and ask Larry about that.

We spent some time wandering through the stores and deciding what we should buy and what Christmas gifts we could pick up, knowing we would come back later in the week and do some shopping.

Later afternoon was back on the beach and building ourselves some sandcastles. The kids have big ideas of what these things should look like, but are at least willing to settle for big and not so beautiful. Lots more time in the water and relaxing by the sea.

Both Chris and I are getting lots of time to read, which is such a nice change. Need to remember how much I like reading when I get back home.

Another STUNNING moon tonight. We sat right on the beach and enjoyed the moon rise. Such a beautiful place.


Lisa and DJ said...

What a cool little town..goats on the roof?? Love those moon photos!

PamelaM said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation. It is nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday. I really like those moon shots too!

Suzanne said...

My bucket list just got longer.