Friday, August 13, 2010

Their First Time Camping

I love camping. We have different ideas of "camping" in our house. I would get a tent and be happy. My parents, it's a motor-home. Chris, it's a cottage by the beach. Call it what you want - I like it all.

Growing up, we had a motor-home, and throughout the summer (and even a couple of winter weekends), we would hit the open road and head out on an adventure. We went a variety of places, but ended up with a few favorites along the way - namely Lydon Washington, at the KOA there.

Recently Mom and Dad purchased a "new to them" motor-home, and I got all excited. The memories quickly flooded back of all the good times we had as a family growing up, and I hoped that my kids would get to do the same. Sure enough on their second trip out, Kaylee and Braydon went along for their first time camping (cuz really, I can't call beach-side cottage as camping....vacation yes, camping no).

It wasn't a long way out as their adventure was to Fort Langley, but they had a great time. They had lots of stories to tell me, and from the photos, there were no shortage of smiles.

Or greasy fingers for that matter, as the second half of the trip has a blur on the lens, and I know Braydon was playing photographer.

Hopefully this is just the first of many. While I am sure they will get the chance to get out with their grandparents again - maybe one day I get that tent and spend some time with dirt in our beds too. Then I shall be even more grateful to Chris' style.


Lisa and DJ said...

Gotta love camping!!

Jenn said...

Looking at the photos you can tell everyone had fun :D

I like your parent's and Chris's style better then the old fashioned tent style. Don't need spiders investigating me while I sleep. No thanks.

ZoomZoomZoom said...

looks like they had a great time! love the pics!

goldhalo AKA Natasha said...

They certainly had fun!! Camping is sooo much fun!!

Auntie Em said...

Looks like they were having fun so you can't argue with that no matter what the shelter was! :o)