Thursday, December 31, 2009

Remember this?

Simplicity was my word for 2009. For the most part, I stuck to it. It was kind of strange having a theme word to the year. But it was good as it allowed me to stop and remember what my goal was.

My choice of word ended up being ironic. When Chris got laid off, we had no choice to simplify what we were doing. To determine what was important, what was not and go with less. Never without, just with less. It was a good lesson for not only ourselves, but for our children as well.

So as the year comes to a close, I have to say that I was happy with my word choice. Of course, not all those resolutions came true (there were disclaimers) but I am ending 2009 and this decade in a good place in life. And really, what is more important?

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Lisa and DJ said...

Love your word and can't wait to see what you choose for next year!