Sunday, December 20, 2009

#5 - Traditions

Mom used to say that she didn't know it was a Christmas tradition in our house till she forgot one year and we asked what happened to _________?

Traditions, I think, are one of the reasons why Christmas is so magical. Every family has their own, and over the years they change, some get dropped and new ones get added. I have lots of fond ones from my childhood, and adore seeing the ones that my children love.

Christmas Eve Richard and I slept in the same room. Either his, or the basement (for some reason that just came to me). Grandma stayed the night and slept in my bed. Christmas morning always came early. If you ask Richard, I woke him. But I know he woke me. Regardless the stockings were waiting for us, and Grandma usually greeted us in the living room before Mom and Dad woke up.

Breakfast was forced upon us. I laugh because we always ate the same thing (and I still have them Christmas morning). Christmas breakfast is cinnamon rolls - the Pillsbury kind.

Santa's gifts were left unwrapped on the fireplace mantle. The biggest gift for years under the tree was mine - a doll from my Grandma. I would bet a million dollars that my brother will make a comment about it this Christmas. So far, the biggest gift under the tree is for me again (another tradition??).

Other traditions in the family growing up:
  • Dye Christmas gatherings
  • Christmas Sing A long
  • PJ's Christmas Eve (still one I share with my kids)
  • Dye triffel (this one has seemed to end, which isn't a bad thing)
  • Egg nog on Christmas Eve
  • Stocking stuffers individually wrapped (did that tonight)
There are lots of others. And I hope to continue to create more as the years go by. Christmas is only 5 days away, so I wonder what becomes tradition this year?

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Suzanne said...

A fun read! I tried NOT to let pumpkin roll be a tradition but my kids insisted.