Thursday, December 17, 2009

#8 - Gingerbread Houses and Trains

Who doesn't love gingerbread? Just a bit of spice with some sugary icing....mmmmm.

I decided that tonight would be our annual Gingerbread House building night. Last year we did a train and had a lot of fun with it, but I wanted to do a house again this year. Ya, see when you are a great procrastinator like I am....well you end up finding that apparently everyone else bought the houses last weekend, so the train was the only option.

See, these pre-fab kits - well they rock. I tried as a teen and a couple more times as an adult to make my own grand gingerbread house. Thinking "how hard could it be", I created some masterpieces in my head. But here is the thing - it's a lot harder than you think. Cutting the bread to make it all fit, um even Martha must find that a challenge. So I gave up and bought the kits. Best idea ever.

Of course, they never come with enough candy, and as you can see - there is barely any gingerbread to the naked eye. But trust me, it is actually holding up something like all that icing and smarties. The kids had a lot of fun putting this together (and of course sneaking in a treat or two), and I am sure tomorrow the bits and pieces will start to be eaten.

I was thinking about gingerbread houses today, and all of a sudden I remembered ones from my past. Our neighbour David brought us one a couple of different years, and if my memory serves me correctly, they were the big ones. I think Mom said we couldn't eat them (or probably some silly rules like not eat the whole thing at once), but of course Richard and I would steal the candies and crack off the icicles. I love remembering things like that. And I love gingerbread.


Lisa and DJ said...

My brother bought a train for Aubrey to do on Christmas day, and we've never done a train before. Yours turned out super cute!!

Suzanne said...

I made a pretty awesome house my first year in college from scratch but would never attempt it now...the kits are awesome. My aunt made our family a huge house for Christmas one year and mom saved it to put for several years. It had a lady with a dried apple head on it.