Tuesday, December 22, 2009

#3 - Santa Claus


Ahhhh, the magic of the big man in Red. I can quickly find the last three years of photos with Santa Claus, but trust me - I have them all to enjoy. Treasured photos.

I know some kids are scared of St Nick, but my Chrismtas spirit seems to have been a genetic gene that I passed along. From the first year in 2003 when I took my baby boy to see him, right through to the six year old with his 4 year old sister this year, they willingly hop onto his lap and provide their wish list.


I remember visitng Santa as a child, the Park Royal one specifically. We visit the Capliano Mall, I mean he has magic apples and oranges each year that help the wishes come true.

What I like most is that he really is about the magic that twinkels in the kids eyes. Not really about what shows up under the tree, but about the "what if". About believing in stories. About believing that good things can happen. About wishes, and best of all, when wishes come true.

Of course, there will come a time that my children will find out about the truth - you know, the there is more to Santa than the stories. I clearly recall the one Christmas Eve that my baby cousin Alyssa was on the cusp of believing or not. I told her to write Santa a note and if he had the same writing as her Mom or Dad, then he wasn't real. But if he had different writing, then he was real for sure. She followed my directions, but I made sure that my Mom wrote the note back. Just to give her one more Christmas worth of Santa Claus.

I can't wait till it's Christmas Eve and the kids pick out what they want to leave for Kris Kringle and his reindeer. And hope that once again, he brings the magic to Christmas morning. I know the kids tried really hard to get on his good list.


Lisa and DJ said...

Happy Santa photos are sooooo over rated. :) Love the story about your little cousin. So sweet.

Suzanne said...

So cute! The spirit of Santa lives on in people like you!