Wednesday, December 23, 2009

#2 - The Giving Spirit

Throughout the year, there are a lot of things that make people sad. A lot of things that seem to make people mad. And a lot of people who just don't see the good anymore.

That is why I love Christmas time. For a lot of people, they stop and think. They remember how many good things there are, and what blessings they have in their lives.

I know so many people get caught up in the commercial part of Christmas. I do too. It's hard not to really. But when I am picking out things for people, I try really hard to make it something special. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I find it in July.

One of my favorite Christmas gifts came from my aunt and uncle a few years ago. It was a box full of used stuff. But special used stuff. You see, it was full of memories and objects from my Grandma. Notes from her past (including some Valentine's I send her years before), a Bugs Bunny doll, newspaper clippings, photos of my Mom as a youth, and more. It still holds a place in my bedroom.
The giving spirit is also needed for people we don't know. Recently there was a story in the news that a local Salvation Army kettle was stolen. It only had $200 in it, but it's been a tough year for collections. But the North Shore residents gathered and not only replaced it, but made it full. I thought of that today when I walked by a kettle, and made sure that I helped fill it too. You see, although it was a challenging year here too - we have everything and more to make us happy.

It is Christmas Eve, one of my favorite nights of the whole year. Because the spirit of giving is at it's strongest. So in all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Rush, thank you for all that you have given me. It's one of the reasons I have so much Christmas Spirit 365 days a year.


Suzanne said...

You make the world a better place Kirsten!

Lisa and DJ said...

You make a cute Mrs. Claus and I'm glad to see takaya in the blog. Merry Christmas, my merry friend!