Monday, December 28, 2009

#1 Christmas Morning

The anticipation of Christmas morning is always a big build. For me, as we know, it starts months in advance.

Each year growing up, there were certain triggers that told us we were getting closer to Christmas. I think I have mentioned all of them in my top ten. I was always excited for Christmas morning, and this year was no different.

While I don't sleep well that night (same goes for this year), the morning is always worth it. This year the kids jumped into bed with me, and then the four of us headed downstairs to see if Santa showed up or not.

The look in the kids eyes said it all. Joy really.

I loved that they were sooooo excited about their gifts. Not just from Santa, but all the great things that they received from us, their grandparents, uncles and others.

It really was a great Christmas morning. Again.


Suzanne said...

You're fun to watch! Merry Christmas!

Lisa and DJ said...

You are fun watch/stalk. Sorry your favorite day is over, but glad it was everything you hoped for!

Jenn said...

The look on the children's faces make it all worth it. It looks like you had a magical Christmas.

PamelaM said...

Loved reading your top 10. Kids have a way of adding a little something special to Christmas.