Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Weekend of Christmas Stuff

Each Sunday night, I wonder how the weekend went so fast.  Friday was quiet, the house went to bed early and I cleaned.  While it doesn't look that way anymore, I actually did get a lot done.  

Saturday, we had the last wet cold soccer game of the year.  Then Chris went out for a bit to do some Christmas shopping.   The kids and I started to decorate and get festive.  Not that I wasn't but decorations sure help bring it along.  Braydon and I took the dog out after lunch (he rode his bike) and then I did something stupid.  I went to Wal Mart on a Saturday afternoon three weeks before Christmas.  But I did mange to get a couple stocking stuffers and to add to the  Bakugon gift a special mat, and there may have been something scrapbooking that fell into my bag, plus a gift for Mom - so it was worth it.  Traffic around was horrible and I knew I needed to head home.  

Now, if you have been following my life, you know that this year we decided to go with a fake tree.  Not my choice, but hey.  I can give a little.  I though that by purchasing said fake tree (which I spent a LOT of time researching), the annual Christmas Tree fight would not happen.   No fight about the needles, the stupid stand, blah blah blah.  As I was approaching the house, I got the call.  Apparently the tree I picked out had to be put together each and every single branch.

Of course, it wasn't as bad as it initially thought.  Never really went into the annual Christmas Tree fight, more like a small initial spat.  Yes, 200 branches can seem overwhelming, but it turned out nice.  I like it, even though it's fake. 

You can't "do" Christmas in my house without eggnog.  So of course, we cracked open our first jug of the stuff (Chris and I may have added a little Bundy to ours) and chugged away at the festive drink.  About 3 minutes after I took that photo of Kaylee, Princess Disaster dropped it all over the floor and the table.  She sure is cute that one. The kids were a great help putting up all the decorations on the tree (were just a LITTLE excited) and topped off the evening with homemade pizza.

As I worked on some Christmas cards and enjoyed the other Christmas drink (Winter Pale Ale) Takaya started to bark.  Now one or two isn't totally unusual for her, but she was barking like something was wrong outside.  So my big strong hero of a husband said "go look outside".  Bravery.  So I go up, opened the door to find our friends Andy and Kari who were here for our Christmas party.  The party that is actually next Friday.  But who am I to turn away friends, plus they brought food!  So they came in for a couple of beers, we ate their chips and veggies, a neighbour dropped in and stayed for a drink, then everyone went home and we went to bed.

Today the weather held out for our family walk.  Really need to document that walk in photography style one day.  Mental note to self.  When we got back, the kids and I went grocery shopping, came home and decided that maybe we should visit Santa today.  Didn't get any arguments, so after lunch and a quick change of outfits, we went to visit our favorite guy in red.

Now some kids are scared of Santa.  My kids, well they have a lot of my Christmas spirit in them, so they hopped up on his lap and proceeded to chat away.  LOVE the photo, and yes - Braydon is trying to show off the missing tooth.

After dinner, and the kids were bathed I worked on a couple more cards and made my plan of action for the week.  If all goes well - I will get myself organized and on track to enjoy the holidays semi stress free.


Suzanne said...

You had a great weekend. Love the pictures, wish it were me that showed up a week early for the party, and Brian and I had our own "decorating" fight this weekend. :)

The Queen said...

love the tree, it looks great. We had a fake tree before that we had to put every branch in and it was a pain but I agree not as big of a pain as a real tree...LOL