Friday, December 5, 2008

Dear Santa

I love that Braydon can now (for the most part) write his own letter to Santa.  And that Kaylee was so proud to draw a picture just for the big guy. Before sitting down to write these letters she was undecided as what she wanted, she seemed pretty happy with choosing a baby Cinderella doll.

Braydon has known for a month or two that Rod Hockey was what he wanted.  He also really really wants Bakugons, and lucky for me a friend picked some up for us so we can make him twice as happy on Christmas morning.

This weekend we decorate.  And clean.  And decorate and clean.  And hopefully shop a bit too.  I will so be cranking the Christmas tunes and looking forward to really getting into the spirit.

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Suzanne said...

So cute! I love how hard Kaylee is concentrating on her letter.