Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gingerbread Train

The plan for today was relax.  Sleep in, which did happen a bit, and take the day slowly.  But when I woke and saw the sunshine and knew how busy opening day at the mountain would be -well I phoned in to see how things were going.  Going so well, that I went in for a couple of hours to help out.  So much for the day off (I went in on Friday for an hour too).

But I kept my promise to myself and left at 12:30 to come home and have lunch with the family and do some fun stuff.  Since winter is here, I will now officially switch to my winter schedule which is Fri / Sat off.  Sunday is back to being a work day (insert heavy sigh here).  But  I will still take this Monday off so I am able to "wrap" up the rest of the Christmas stuff.

This afternoon the kids and I decided to create a gingerbread train.  It's activities like this that I need to "let go" of my control side and just let the fun happen.  Each kid took a "side" of the train and were  able to put what they want where they want.  Now if it was just me, the whole thing would look more coordinated, but I don't think would have been nearly as cute.


Suzanne said...

Aubrey would LOVE to make a gingerbread train! Did you use a kit? So cute!

Lisa and DJ said...

Mom beat me to it...Aubrey would soooo love that!