Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my Mom's 65th Birthday.  When I was a kid, 65 was old, really really old.  But today, only being 30 years away from it myself and seeing the version of "old" my Mom is...well it's 65 years young. She's not a big birthday person, leaves that to my Dad and I.  But we are going out for dinner this evening, just the grown ups.  Of course, the kids wanted to see Grandma this afternoon (although KJ didn't want a photo), so we had a mini visit already.

My mom is a great lady, has an enormous amount of wisdom to share, but doesn't push it on you. She loves her family greatly, and is always helping one of us do something.  The last few years haven't been that great to my parents.  They shut down their business after 30 years and both had to look for new jobs.  Neither of their health is spectacular, but with Dad's eyesight so poor, she's had to lookout for both of them more than planned.

I hope that this year, they can settle into a new life.  They are going to be selling our family home - and while I hate to see the change, I know that it will be good for everyone.  Simplify.

And as she embarks on her year 66, I wish her all the love, happiness and health.  Happy Birthday Mom


Suzanne said...

It's really hard watching your parents get older. It's even harder watching them make changes that make it impossible to deny the "aging" factor. You're blessed to be able to live so close to them. Happy Birthday Kirsten's Mom!

Ida said...

Hello, what a lucky mother to have a lovely daughter like you.
BTW, my first visit to yr blog...wish all the happiness to yr family.

Lisa and DJ said...

This is exactly why my parents will never get old. :) That photo is so cute and you can tell how much Braydon loves her!