Sunday, February 10, 2008

An early start

This morning I started work at 3:45am.  That's really early!!  We had a special promotion on at the mountain, 24 hours of winter sport.  I would rather start at that time then work all through the night.

I'm surprised I'm still awake - it's 7pm and I'm enjoying semi peace with the kids in the bath.  The yelling is starting as I type - I guess it's time to wash their hair, put pj's on and head to bed.  I will probably fall asleep before them.

The weekend was a busy one.  Friday I got some new glasses - went with something a bit funky but cool.  Went for lunch with Dad and Kaylee - then helped Dad shop for Mom's birthday.  By the time I got home, KJ didn't need any more  napping and I did some errands.  Friday night was quiet - did Valentine's cards for the kids classmates.

Chris worked on Saturday.  Good for the pocket book, but sucks not having a day for the family. Made cookies with Braydon and Kaylee, and Brad came over to help ice.  Of course, the icing took five minutes with the kids.  They each did three cookies and left me to deal with the other three dozen.  Oh well.

Saturday night it was pizza, beer and an early bed.  Like I said, 3:45 is a very early start.  However, early in at work means early out.  Got groceries this afternoon, went to the craft store for some stuff, and then made cards with the kids.  Again, I did more work - but  hey.  It was quality time.

Well, hair needs washing and I'm fading fast.  It's only my Monday and there is a still a long week ahead.


2ReVert said...

Hey Kirsten... crazy getting up that early... but I agree.. much better then late!

I'll be back ;)

Suzanne said...

Those hours should be outlawed IMHO! I'm always amazed at how much you get done. :)

Lisa said...

We didn't get to see a photo of your new glasses?

Suzanne said...

Oops forgot to mention that I went to the eye doctor on Friday too. I got new contacts. :)