Sunday, February 3, 2008

Month #2

February....and already third day in. Friday night was date night and the kids slept at my parents. Nice to have some time "off".

Superbowl today, wings, nachos and maybe a cold brewski. Chris is celebrating the game, I am celebrating the end to another football season. But football is over, which means baseball is just around the corner. And since Chris is a Met's fan, well he's thrilled with the recent deal that pays some guy some enormous amount of money to play a sport. I sure choose the wrong business.

I ended up working on one of my days off. I forgot how much that ends up taking away from the weekend. I miss not having two days off with my family - but spring isn't that far off is it?

Braydon is heading to "Walk with Dinosours" today and he is VERY excited. I mean REALLY REALLY excited. He woke up this morning and said "this is the dinosour day" and walked past me. No good morning, not a hello in sight. His priorities were set straight. So that means it's just three of us to watch the game this afternoon, which is cool.

The sun is out today, a nice thing to see. The weather has been extreme all winter, tons of rain, or tons of snow or, tons of sun. Not all on the same day though. Gotta walk the dog when I get home, and then I'm sure that Harley will be thrilled to have someone hang out in the basement with her (the cat lives in the basement....).

Go Patriots! Well, I don't really care, but come on - any team that has won what they won through the year deseves to take home the trophy.


Peggy said...

WOW Kirsten I am in awe of your photos. This one is so totally stunning. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Now I am wondering how you can just write like you do. I sit at my blog and can't think of a thing to say. Some times I have something to say and other times nothing at all.

Suzanne said...

I started the game out rooting for a perfect season for the Patriots too but found myself cheering for the giants during the 4th quarter. I just couldn't help but want the Manning brothers to both have a super bowl ring!