Monday, February 11, 2008

My addiction......

So this scrapbooking thing - well it's becoming worse.  I love to scrap.  I stay up late when I should be sleeping so I can scrap.  It's such a perfect combination for me - I get to take lots of photos and then instantly frame them.  I can journal the moment, or simply add embellishments that I think would help capture the moment.
I scrap a couple of times a week, but I would do it more if I could.  I belong to a site called Kindred Creations - where I get a ton of inspiration and have met many amazing people who I know consider friends.
I love paper crafts and don't want to know what I spend on it.  If I had the cash, I would easily drop more!!
But it's a good thing.  There are lots of photos of me as a child, but not dated and not organized (a task I will take on myself one day).  My kids will have albums upon albums of their childhood memories.  I will keep them until they understand the importance of them.  And whenever possible, I include them and their creativity when I scrap.
Like tonight, I was organizing the photos for a lay out about making our Valentine's cookies.  Then I remembered a lay out that a very talented scrapper did (Tracey) and I thought I would do some painting with the kids with her inspiration.  The kids each painted a heart (Braydon was having so much fun, he did two!!), and I will use them on the final project.
So it's an addiction of sorts - but I love the chance to be creative and remember all these great moments over and over again.


Lisa said...

I'm very, very glad that you found this addiction!

Suzanne said...

There are worse addictions. So glad you share mine! ;)