Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Choo Choo

Or is it Cho Cho?  Kaylee seems to have an imaginary friend.  He goes by the name Choo Choo.  He is four years old and has black hair like me.
Tonight we found out that Choo Choo has a sister, Rachel.  Funny enough, Braydon's best friend has a sister named Rachel.  Upon further investigation, Choo Choo's Mom's name is Jenny, just like Brad.  And upon the deep spy like investigation, I learn that Choo Choo lives with Brad.  

I'm thinking my little one needs a best friend like her brother.  And since she hasn't claimed on for herself in the real world - Choo Choo has come to life.

For me, I see that my little girl is full of imagination - something that I love.  Maybe one day I will explain my days of Wonder Woman and Jamie Summers, the Bionic Woman.

Welcome Choo Choo, I hope you and Kaylee have a lot of fun together. 


Lisa and DJ said...

THAT is really funny. Our girls definitely need to be friends. Aubrey loves Choo Choo...the train, any train. Maybe it's her imaginary friend too.

Suzanne said...

My oldest and youngest both had imaginary friends. Lisa had "Julie" who supposedly burned up in a fire when we inquired why we hadn't heard about her in awhile. Brandon had "Jack" sometimes he was Jack, especially when Brandon got in trouble. I quite enjoyed having them around.