Monday, February 4, 2008

So Sweet

Little Kaylee has a cold.  But wow, she is still so cute.  I always knew I wanted to be a parent, but I didn't know how much love I would have for my children.  There are days that drive me nuts, that I long for the good ol' days where I could do what I want, when I want.  Then one of my kids does something and makes me wonder if life could get any better!

So the football game didn't end like I thought it would - but good for the Giants.  That was some catch!!  As usual, I prepared the snacks during the game, and made sure I was there for the commercials.  Something traumatic happened to the wings, they were horrible.  How I messed them up I'm not sure, but I won't do that again!!  Sorry Chris, I know  you were looking forward to them.

I get to scrap tonight!  Just printed a few photos and would like to play around.  I have the itch to be creative, so glad that the kids will go to bed, Chris is watching a movie and things should be a bit quiet for me.  Had another horrible sleep last night - hopefully will get a good one tonight.  Although that depends on how Kaylee is feeling.

I was thinking we should make Valentine's cookies this weekend.  Nothing says love like cookie dough and icing all over the kitchen!  And of course, I'll take some photos and scrap them to my hearts desire.


ZoomZoomZoom said...

Have fun scrapping...hope your girl is feeling better!

Lisa said...

You just reminded me that we always make Valentine's sugar cookies every year. I totally forgot about it! Better get to thes store.

Suzanne said...

Kaylee is sure cute and your photos rock! Have fun making cookies, good luck getting some sleep and sorry about your wings!