Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time Together

This weekend, everyone got some time. Myself included (well, as I write this, it's some of my "me" time).

Friday I had to work in the morning. Sometimes it just is that way. But the afternoon was filled with a little scrapping, a dog walk, some errands and stuff. Stuff always fills time. Friday night I got to play Wii with the kids (where Braydon continued to kick my butt and KJ continued to cheer on her favorite family member - Braydon), but hey, I'm getting better at baseball!

Somehow we ended up with a free pay per view movie, so Chris and I got our education on Hitler via Tom Cruise. It was a good film, but a little deep, but good. Redeemed Tom a bit for me (the whole couch jumping on Oprah really lost me).

Saturday was a mix of things. We finally got our Christmas visit with the Knibbs. It's hard finding time that two busy families can get together - but always good to see friends. Chris had baseball stuff followed by softball stuff. It's January, but it must mean ball season is close by.

Saturday night was date night. I won hockey tickets from work, so we got to go see the Penguins and the Canucks play. Even better, we won 6-2. Even better, Mom and Dad had a sleepover withthe kids which meant we didn't have to run home.

Unfortunately I had to work today, but that's life. When I got home I spent time colouring with Kaylee while Braydon and Chris built leggo. Braydon joined in on the creative stuff, and was so proud of himself when he completed a word circle project. All this followed by a roast beef dinner and then bath for the kids.

I did manage to clean out my bathroom closet. It was full of stuff as it was a place to stuff stuff. I emptied a full garbage bag and could still get rid of more if I knew where to put it! While the scale sucked this week (blame it on bloating) I at least still ate well, and was healthy about cleaning clutter. One week at a time right?

The me time is now. It's 10:30 Sunday night and I am alone in my living room. It's peaceful, but I am watching American Idol (oh how I love my PVR) from earlier in the week. I have a little snack and no one is calling my name.


Lisa and DJ said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. I'm especially glad you took some time to COLOR. :)

Suzanne said...

I cleaned out all my bathroom drawers and cupboards this month too. Amazing how much clutter accumulates in a bathroom.