Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Health Revisited

So I sit here with a glass of red wine after a very busy day. Red wine because it's high in iron, and that apparently may be an issue of mine. My blood test results for my thyroid were normal, which surprised me (and my mom). So I said to my doc "so I'm cold, tired and can't loose weight cuz I am 37? Is that it?" Since I'm not really a complainer, he knew I wasn't happy with a nothing result. I'm still loosing my hair, I'm still cold, I'm still tired, and while I did loose weight last week, well - if I am being honest, the only answer to that is to keep being healthy daily - so let's remove that. Plus, I'm more snappy than usual - which I was hoping to blame on my thyroid. I guess I have to blame myself.

However, I am being sent back to review my iron, which may or may not cause some of that. And my doc said that if it comes back neg and I'm not satisfied, to book a longer appointment to figure stuff out. Which means really look at my life, figure out what is making me crazy and deal with it.

I already know - and am working on my plan. Good thing I picked health as a word.

First, we have found a house cleaner. I cannot tell you how excited I am. I have to say that this is one of the largest stresses in my life because when I get home, I want to play with the kids not clean the floor. Hopefully this will help.

Secondly, looks like work is going to continue for Chris. While they cannot guarentee this, it's nice to know that it looks good and we can continue "normal" life.

Third - I am planning a me night each week. Where I go somewhere in the house and cannot be bothered unless my first aid skills are required (and I'm looking for more than a tummy ache). It could be to nap, to read, to do yoga, to watch cheezy TV, to cuddle with my dog. It will not be for being a wife, a mother, or even a scrapper. Yes, it's even a break from scrapping. It's me quiet time.

Ok, just writing this out is helpful. Oh ya, I am also scheduling tasks and chores for the rest of my family. This too should help on balancing out the playing field. Those kids are old enough for labour, so I shall put them to work!

PS - I do have to be thankful for a husband who knows that I had one of those days and suggests (wisely) that we pick up sushi instead of me cooking. Smart man.


Suzanne said...

A slow down and rest time is probably exactly what the doctor should havae ordered. And a house cleaner...now I'm jealous! ;)

Lisa and DJ said...

I love your "me" night idea. I truly hope this will be a year of health for you and that you'll be feeling back to your normal, non-snappy self soon!

Jenn said...

That's so cool to have a maid! I can only dream of a maid right now. I also love your "me" night. Right now scrapping is the only "me" time I get.