Saturday, January 2, 2010


That is my word for 2010 - Health.

I have thought about it for a long time, I mean health isn't really a fun word, and I know that it actually is going to require a lot of work. I thought about a couple of different words to use, but always came back to this one.

It's described as a state of complete mental and physical well being. Complete - now that is daunting!!

So here is my breakdown. 2010 holds potentially three surgeries for me (knees, gall stones and bump on my foot). My knees (pick which one) need some TLC again. While we can do the surgery, there are some things that I can do to help them out while I wait. Strengthening them and getting some weight off. The foot thing and the gall stone thing - well those I just wait for.

That weight thing has been bugging me for a long time. I keep saying I will deal with it, and I never do. So no time like the present. I will not only eat healthier (really stop snacking, especially on crap), but I will move more too. Days like to today when the arthritis is so bad I can barely walk - well I will sit those out. But days that I can move, I will. I will also use our Wii fit weekly, and get the dog out more.

As for the mental part - well there is a lot of work to be done there too! Clutter drives me nuts, yet I am surrounded by it. Rushing out the door stresses me out - so preparing I will embrace. Cleaning I hate, but love the after results - so doing it more regularly will help there.

And the other mental part for me is to find some calmness. Not sure where this is going to come in, but I need some zone out stuff for me. I have my scrapbooking - which I love and will continue. But I need to either do something like yoga or away reading time, or all of it.

I don't have all the answers, but I do have my mission word. Lots more to come.


Lisa and DJ said...

LOVE your word, my friend...and 3 surgeries? No bueno. But you can do it and I'll be there every step of the way!

Suzanne said...

I love your word but hate the 3 surgery part too. Good luck my friend not having your health really stinks...and I know!

Jenn said...

Great word! I can't even imagine 1 surgery let alone 3. You know you have a wide support group here for you. =)