Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting Use from Things

I wanted a scanner / printer for Christmas because I have all these old photos that I wanted to do something with them. Not that I don't like scrapping pics of my own kids........but hey, I was a cute baby too!! I did this one for a challenge with Creative Scrappers and since red is my favorite colour, I thought it was best to throw a little in there too.

Speaking of things to use, let's see if I use what I bought today - a new vacuum. We went with a good one, hopefully one that will help Chris' health. It's a Dyson animal -which has extra filters and a truely good brush to get pet hair out of carpet and couches. Not that I have had a ton of experience with multiple vacumms, I have to say that without a doubt, this picked up fur like I have never seen before.

Now.....I guess the real trick is turning it on and using it!!


Suzanne said...

I love that LO! You really ought to consider getting the firminator dog brush too. I promise it's worthy every penny (if you actually use it)!

Vanessa said...

Gorgeous layout--Red cardstock intimidates me--you just totally rock it!!!