Friday, January 22, 2010

The Need to Create

There are days that I just have the need to create. There are nights that it is so strong I actually get out of bed to let myself get my creative energy out on something (usually paper and glue). I have always had this urge and as the years go by, the urge seems to be stronger. Chris keeps asking if the scrapping phase will go away anytime soon, and I laugh. He knows it's here to stay.

Today is one of those need to create days. It actually started last night when I was playing play doh with the kids. Play doh is just as fun at 37 as it is 7. It's nice that it's one of those forms where there aren't any "rules" (although I did request that they don't mix the colours totally all together) and everyone can play. Kaylee got two awesome play-doh sets for Christmas with every cutter / shaper / roller one could need. It's also one of those outlets that everyone gets to do their own thing, or make something together. It's a bit messy, but so worth it (BTW, I made a very beautiful sun yesterday).
Aside from pulling off two pages today, I was also creative in the kitchen. I made a chocolate cheesecake and am about to go make dinner for our friend Jim which includes mushroom peppercorn steak, potatoes, and stuffed tomatoes. Mmmm.

Well the creativeness also leaves a mess - and since our cleaner came yesterday (can I say how much I LOVED coming home to a clean house) I need to keep up and keep it tidy. And I think I will take my camera with me on the dog walk to see what other creative things I can do today.


Lisa and DJ said...

Aubrey got play-doh for her birthday and we are loving it. BTW...our colors are already mixed together. :( Oh well...a lot to learn when you're 4.

Vanessa said...

love the pages K!!!
the one with the squares of paper is COOL!!!

Jenn said...

I love watching kids play with Play doh, I just don't like cleaning up the mushed in mess they tend to love to do as well.
Your LOs are awesome!!