Sunday, January 3, 2010

Good Choices

After writing yesterdays blog, I psyched myself to get onto the scale. Let's just say my word was re-affirmed. But better to know where you came from, right? Ok so I made some better meal choices, and while some of it was hard, some of it was easy. Just gotta get back onto the good choices as a daily thing. And I know myself that if I see change, I want more change. So I guess I will visit that scale again next week. Let's all hope for good chance.

As for that "me" time stuff, I got some of that tonight too. I put everyone to bed, turned on some music and scrapped for two solid hours with no interruptions!!! Here is a sneak peak
Speaking of mental health, I must get some sleep. The one problem with my creativity, if it's full on I can't sleep.


Lisa and DJ said...

It's true. When you start seeing results, everything seems worth it and it gets easier. Let's show that scale who's boss! Glad you got some scrap time....I need to follow your example!

Suzanne said...

I faced the scale today too. No exercising for 5 months and the holidays with plenty or chocolate makes that a scary idea. It wasn't as bad as I deserved but I've got to get back in gear!

StaZ said...

I am back running again too. It's been awhile! Now that my back and neck are feelin better it's time to get back into the saddle. :) I'll be cheering you on!!