Sunday, March 30, 2008

Winter is coming to an end....

I love winter.  I love the snow, skiing, the cool air.  I think one of the most beautiful things in the world is a tree with snow sitting on the branches.

My dog loves winter, my kids love winter - and I married a man who can even make it snow!

However, this winter has been long.  Work has been very busy for me this year, and that means less weekend time together with the family.  So for that reason alone, I am ready to say good bye to winter.

Don't get me wrong, before it's all said and done, I want a couple more ski days in, but let them be sunny and warm.  Let it stop snowing, even in the mountains.  Let the temps rise, the flowers to bloom and days to get longer.  Let's face it - the next best thing to snow on those branches - cherry blossoms.


Lisa and DJ said...

I must agree... as I sit here looking at the winter wonderland that hit my house over night!

Suzanne said...

I couldn't agree more but I'll bet Takaya loves the long winter?