Thursday, March 13, 2008

I cannot sleep

Sleep is something I treasure.  But this week (well, except last night), it is something that is not easy to come by.

I find when I am most creative, I cannot sleep.  Thoughts, designs, colours, textures, concepts, drawings, painting all flow through my head.  This causes me to think, create more and while that is good during the day - well it doesn't let me sleep.

Getting up, doing something creative sometimes gets it "out of my system", other times it doesn't.

I do think however I have come to an answer while many famous artists go 'crazy' - it's all from a lack of sleep.

It's 11:36.  I must once again attempt to go to sleep.  Tomorrow I shall wake and be creative.


Suzanne said...

I have problems turning my brain off at night too and rarely accomplish it before 11:30. Anytime after that is just pure torture. I hope you got a good's night sleep.

Suzanne said...

That would be Good Night's sleep. :S