Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Tank of Death

I have this fish tank.  Years ago, the deal between my Mom and I was she bought the tank, I bought the fish.  Let's just say - she got the better deal.

Fish die.  They die easily. I learned that lesson over and over again.  When my roommate Lori and I decided to get the tank going again, she came up with the name "The Tank of Death".  It stuck and it's appropriate.

At one point, I couldn't find my aquatic frog.  I hadn't seen it in a day or so, so I figured it had died somewhere.  I went looking all through the tank for it, no luck.  Then I noticed it on the floor.  The frog committed suicide.  The Tank of Death.

So Braydon has seen this tank sitting in our basement.  He kept asking to get the tank open.  Somehow we said yes, and once again, the tank of death has been re-started.

We have three fish.  They cost $0.67 each.  So far, we have kept them alive for four days.  It's not a record, but a good start.  Let's see how many the tank claims this time!!


Lisa and DJ said...

You need my fish brother to tell you how to take care of them! Don't let them die!

Suzanne said...

Yes DS is a professional "fish keeper". When you come this summer remind me to tell you how his obsession started, you never know what passion you'll inspire in your kids!
The tank looks pretty...good luck to the fish!