Thursday, March 13, 2008

7 Random Things

Lisa tagged me to list seven random things about me.  Don't know if anyone will find this interesting  - but hey.

1.  I have nine toe nails.  I'm not a freak or anything, I DO have 10 toes.  When I was younger, I had such a severe infection in my toe, that they had to remove my middle right toe nail.  I never remember about it until I go to paint my nails in the summer.

2. The only sport that I am truly good at is skiing.  I'm okay with that.  Oh ya, I like to ski with boys usually more than girls, cuz I like to ski, not go in for hot chocolate.

3.I actually like being short.  At 5.1 - I have no issues with my height.  I can creatively get things from an upper shelf if needed, can fit into an airplane seat better than most, and have no problems using my tippy toes to kiss my husband.

4. I have an incredibly clear memory of my very early childhood years.  I have a few strong memories of my grandfather who died when I was three, and remember lots of other parts of my childhood that there are no photos to trigger my thoughts.  I can even tell you what dress my grandmother was  wearing on my second birthday.

5. I love to draw murals.  I have done both of my children's room, as well as three others.  If I could quit work and do something different, that would be it.  Well, that and photography.

6. I suck at cleaning.  This is not a revelation. 

7. My favorite dinner is teriyaki salmon, fresh steamed asparagus and new baby nugget potatoes (drowning in butter).  If you are going to make it any better, throw in a nice bottle of red wine, something chocolate for dessert and a sharing the evening with friends.


Lisa and DJ said...

I am soon going to only have 9 them has turned black and is falling off...yuck. Oh, and I'm only 5.3, so we're both shorty's. :)

Suzanne said...

You have a lot in common with Lisa which means that we both love you! And I found this very interesting.