Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Birthday Month

March is the birthday month.  I love March.

This month, I turn 36 and Braydon turns 5.  It's a great month in Vancouver.  You can ski in the morning and sail in the afternoon (of course, I would have to own a sailboat....but at least I can ski.)  I get to celebrate my own birthday (I love my birthday) and be with my son to celebrate another milestone in his life.

Birthday's are awesome.  I owe it to my Mom and Dad for me liking it so much.  Let's be real - full credit to Mom.  Growing up, the birthday child was king or in my case, Queen for the day. We got to choose what to eat for breakfast (it was  a great year when I figured out that meant I could get away with eating ice cream) lunch and dinner.  Mom had presents for us waking up, lunch, coming home from school, before dinner, dinner, after dinner and of course the traditional "do you need one more before bed?" gift.  And while the gifts were great  - really the best memories are of the family time and togetherness on my birthday.

Cakes for me - that was Grandma's department for many years.  Angle food cake with rainbow confetti in it, marshmallow icing and coins stuck into the cake for an extra special surprise!!  When it was Mom's turn to make the cake, she swore up and down when making that icing - but did it anyhow.

Now Braydon is reaching an age where birthdays are all so important.  For him, five is important.  Big things to accomplish this year.  First and foremost - Kindergarten.  The training wheels will apparently go this summer too, which means a lot more bumps and bruises, scraped knees and tears too.  At five, he's remained tried and true to his best friend Brad, a loyal brother to Kaylee, and a great son for Chris and I.  I don't even have to really mention that the joy he brings to his five grand parents and five great grandparents is unmeasurable.

So - to all who may be reading and celebrating a birthday in this great month of March (and I know you are Suzanne) - Happy Birthday!!  Some of the best people I know are born this month!


Suzanne said...

Ahhh you are sweet including me in there! We are birthday sisters aren't we? I'm throwing myself a birthday party. Sent out invites and everything. Nothing fancy the details will be in my blog for sure. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRSTEN and BRAYDON!!!

Lisa and DJ said...

Yes, what a great birthday month...although April isn't bad either. :)